What messages are movies delivering? What makes them work or not work? And why does that matter? Newbery Medal Winner Tae Keller and her husband Josh Nadel tackle these questions, and dissect the way movies both reflect and impact our culture. Tune in for story analysis, debates, a sprinkling of fun facts, and a whole lot of hot takes along the way.

Monsters University, or Oil Baron 101

6 months ago

Grab your textbooks and hacky sacks, because we're taking you to school! This movie is all about institutions, finding value within capitalism, and... beer-lympics.

00:30 Synopsis

01:21 Let's Discuss!

10:04 The depth to Randall's character

19:11 "Scariness" and the traditional markers of masculinity

26:19 What makes someone valuable?

35:00 We try to make sense of this movie's take on capitalism, production, and value--and disagree a bit.